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Golden Rrrrrockin Advice 

A blog is always a fun place to share experiences, what goes behind the scenes, how I have learned, and how you can benefit from my experiences and gigs. 

Welcome to the first blog, where you get to know about the first gig and one of my best gigs while giving some solid advice on voiceover, sound mixing, and a lot more. 

First gig 

As someone who has 7 years of experience in voiceover, it's always fascinating to look back at where the journey started. Back in 2016, I did Voicing an Orc for a School Audio Drama; frankly, it was quite an experience. At that time, I didn't really want to be a voiceover actor, but as the times would have it, now I look back and say, Who would have thought. 

My first gig, and I had to do voicing an Orc. Quite a job to tell you if you want to try sometime. To make an Orc voicing, you have to take jowls and take your voice from your nose and move it down all the way into your chest, breathe from the diaphragm and refine your voice for a perfect Orc voice. Trust me, it takes a lot of practice. 

Best gig 

There are many gigs that I have done over the past 7 years. It is overwhelming to choose which stands out, but one of my most favorite is voicing a Kaiju for an Indie game being made at the college I was part of in 2019. I wanted to voice over for a game, and it won't matter whether it was a low-budget or high-end game; there was my chance to shine, and I pounced upon the opportunity. 

It was a great experience to voice over Kaiju, and although the game didn't materialize, guess what? I always wanted to voice over a game character, and there was my chance. 

What goes behind the scenes in voice acting 

Voice acting is a skill that takes time, passion, and sweat. You need to have vibrant vocal abilities, which involve breathing exercises, pitch control, and vocal range expansion. Over the years, I have honed these skills with continued practice and performing for different gigs for video games, promos, and commercials. 

Suppose you are interested in more about voice acting. In that case, I always go first with the script and background t understand the story, tone, and setting of the project. Then I practice the dialogue to create a unique voice or style that fits the project requirement. 

And I should say a professional studio must have high-quality microphones, and soundproofing is very important. As I have my own Home Studio, I know a quality voiceover is important so

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